CPS-2 Battery Replacement Disclaimer & Instructions

This disclaimer states that the owner of JAMMAPARTS.COM will not be held responsible or in any way liable for any damage caused to your arcade board by the installation/replacement of a new lithium battery. You understand that by purchasing this service you are paying for the cost of a new lithium battery, my services and time for installing the battery, and the cost of return shipping. You understand that you are voiding any warranty you may have with Capcom since the warranty seals must be broken in order to change the battery. You also understand by purchasing this service that this battery changing procedure is not 100% guaranteed to work, even though it is a simple process, there is a possibility that once the battery is removed the board will not power back up. Although a full refund will be given in this event, there will be nothing that can be done to revive your board and it will be returned back to you. Basically, without sounding too technical, it is a precedure that does work very well and is successful 99% of the time, with myself personally acheiving a 100% success rate with every battery I have replaced. But since there is always the possibility that something could go wrong, this disclaimer is necessary to make sure you understand. Your board will be tested upon receipt to verify working condition, and tested again after changing the battery to confirm working status. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by shipping & handling to and from us.




  1. Thoroughly read and understand the above paragraph.
  2. If you agree with the terms listed, print out this page.
  3. Include this printed page with your CPS-2 board when you ship it to us.

Please note that any battery replacement CPS-2 orders arriving without the printed agreement included will not be processed. Printing and including this page with your shipment is your full understanding and agreement of this document and we will not accept any orders without it. Please also note that you are only shipping the "B" board to us (top board with the game label), the "A" motherboard on the bottom is not required and should not be included since it will add unnecessary weight and shipping cost to the package. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!