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Mr. Wardner Lives!

This section is here to bring together a collection of introduction sequences from your favorite arcade games. The term "attract mode" in the arcade industry refers to the game sequence "loop" that plays while the machine is idle, a way for the game to *show off* and present itself to potential players. This was especially important for arcade games since a person walking through their local arcade (quarters in hand) trying to decide which game to play would only look at each machine maybe a few seconds, therefore, it was crucial that the game show a compelling and unique introduction or gameplay sequence to catch the attention (and quarters) of the player. Different kinds of attract modes can run the gamut from simple gameplay demonstrations all the way to fully animated and elaborate introductions, all of which are unique to the specific game and are just plain cool to watch.

We present here a selection of our favorite arcade game introductions, with more being added all the time. Occasionally we will also post unique ending credits videos or other gameplay videos as well. If you have any attract mode videos you'd like to contribute, please contact us and we'll gladly add them here. Click the link below to get started.


Attract Mode
Intro sequences from your favorite arcade games!

Attract Mode

Want to see attract mode videos from other consoles (Sega-CD, SNES, etc.)? Visit my YouTube page!