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Lunar: The Silver Star

Working Designs / Sega pressed seven different CDs for Lunar: The Silver Star for Sega CD. Each CD boasted a unique Lunar image and made them quite collectible. The seventh disc is the rarest, with the Sega-pressed disc (Disc 1) being the most common. WD continued this practice with many of their later releases, inciting gamers to acquire multiple copies of a single title.

Here are the seven CD labels for Lunar: The Silver Star


Night Trap

Night Trap saw three different releases for the Sega CD. The original red cardboard box version, a re-released "re-worked" version of the game (due to the violence controversy at the time), and an improved 32X version. The red box version is the rarest of the three.

Red box original version

Re-released version

32X version


Rise of the Dragon

Rise of the Dragon sported two different release styles; one in the original cardboard box style and another in the standard large jewel case version. This is the only known Sega CD game to have been officially released at retail in both cardboard box and jewel case styles. The cardboard box version is the rarest and fairly hard to find still in good condition.

Jewel case version

Original cardboard box version


Wonder Dog

Wonder Dog was released in two flavors, a green box and a red box. The colors changes also affect the game manual and game disc as well. It is not known at this time which version came first or why they made the change, but the red box version is currently the harder one to track down.

Green box version

Red box version


Sewer Shark

Sewer Shark was released as both a retail game (black cardboard box and disc), and also as a pack-in with some Sega CD systems. There are three known variations of the pack-in version, each one differentiated only by the markings on the front of the disc as shown below. Version B and C are the most common.

Pack-in version A

(Contains the number 4101 on the disc)

Pack-in version B

(Contains the Sony Imagesoft logo)

Pack-in version C

(Blank area above "not for resale")


BC Racers

BC Racers is unique in the Sega CD game library. It is the only game released for the system that doesn't have the game name or logo printed on the side of the jewel case box (see side view picture below). The Core Design logo is on the top and the standard Sega CD lettering on the bottom, but where the game name should be there is nothing printed. It seems all BC Racers games were printed like this (so it's not rare), but it does seem odd when it's on your shelf next to other games.

BC Racers case

BC Racers case side view


Sonic CD

Sonic CD was released as both a standard jewel case box and also as a small cardboard pack-in version.

Sonic CD original version

Sonic CD pack-in version


Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco was released as both a standard jewel case box and also as a small cardboard pack-in version.

Ecco the Dolphin original version

Ecco the Dolphin pack-in version


Supreme Warrior

Supreme Warrior, in both standard Sega CD and 32X versions.

Supreme Warrior original version

Supreme Warrior 32X version


Prize Fighter

Prize Fighter was released as both a standard jewel case box and also as a small cardboard pack-in version.

Prize Fighter original version

Prize Fighter pack-in version


Corpse Killer


Corpse Killer original version

Corpse Killer 32X version


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