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What are JAMMA Systems?

So, now that you know what JAMMA stands for and what JAMMA arcade machines are, now it's time to look at all the different kinds of systems you may encounter. All of these system types listed have the standard JAMMA interface (so you can plug and switch any of these around in a single cabinet) but are very different in terms of hardware and capabilities.

Think of these as the arcade equivalents of home videogame hardware...each new generation of games requires better hardware to support the new features the games needs. Sometimes, depending on the manufacturer, a game will require it's own special hardware built to run just that single game, while other times it may use existing hardware that is compatible with many different games.

The list on the right is a sampling of the many different types of JAMMA systems you may encounter while collecting your favorite boards.

For more information and pictures of all these systems, please visit our friends at Arcadebase:

Arcadebase - Beginner's Guide

Arcadebase - Detailed Systems Information


JAMMA Systems

Standard JAMMA (game specific hardware)
Capcom CPS 1
Capcom CPS 1.5
Capcom CPS 2
Capcom CPS 3
IGS PolyGameMaster (PGM)
Jaleco Mega System 32
Kaneko Super Nova
Konami Baby Phoenix
Konami GX
Konami Hornet
Konami 573
Namco System 11 and 12
Hyper Neo Geo 64
Neo Geo MVS
Saibu Kaihatsu SPI
Sammy Atomiswave
Sega Mega Play
Sega STV
Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2 Mainboards
Taito F3
Taito G-Net


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