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What is a Suicide Battery?

The suicide battery is basically a lithium battery inside some game boards that "powers" the game code and keeps the board alive. Without this battery, or when the battery finally dies, the game board will "suicide" and be dead and totally useless!

This type of suicide battery is mostly seen on the Capcom and Sega series of game systems, most notably the Capcom CPS-2 series. This design was implemented by Capcom mostly to prevent copying and bootlegging, but unfortunately for collectors this means that a new battery has to be replaced every 5-10 years without fail. It's best to make sure you play your boards often to prolong the life of the lithium battery, but if one day you boot up to a solid blue or green screen then your battery may have caused your board to die.

Replacing the battery is a process that should only be attempted by those who are experienced in electronics repair as it does involve soldering directly on the circuit board. If you want to do this yourself, consult the following page for renewing the battery:

CPS-2 Suicide Battery Info








These batteries contain lithium, which is an extremely volitile substance. If you puncture the battery, it will spray nasty liquid on you, your board and the surrounding area. In a matter of seconds, it will start eating whatever it landed on. Skin, PCB, clothes, eyes, whatever! The battery changing procedure is only for those who are familiar with electronic components. We are NOT responsible for you killing your own or anyone else's game boards. Please do not even attempt unless you know what you are doing.



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